Tips on Enhancing Your E-Mail Security

The e-mail is one of the platforms that hackers can use to compromise the security of your computer. If you have been using e-mail for some time, then there are chances that you have received some spam e-mail. It is essential to make sure that you enhance your e-mail security to prevent loss of crucial data.

You need to make sure that no one can maliciously access your data. Keeping your e-mail secure is easy as long as you know how to do it. All you have to do is implement some few strategies that will make the job easy for you. Here are some tips on enhancing your e-mail security:

Separate Your E-Mails

e-mailThe first step on improving safety is by using different e-mail accounts. You do not have to use the same e-mail account for social media and work. Learn how to separate the e-mail accounts so that …