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Things to Consider When Buying a Laptop

Whether you are carrying out a research project, writing a term paper, teaching a class, or surfing through the net, you need the right laptop that meets your budget and needs. Shopping for a computer may be confusing, for there are hundreds of different models available in diverse sizes. Furthermore, they have different operating systems and prices. Therefore, here are some ideas that will help you not lose sight of your goals when purchasing a computer:


Depending on what you are planning to do with the computer, you must pick one with the preferable size. Unlike RAM or ROM, that you can upgrade it later, size is something you cannot advance. Therefore, you are locked with any item you select, so you must choose wisely. Laptops vary in sizes, which may start from 11.6 inches to 17.3 inches. Furthermore, portability should be your priority. Hence, you would want to acquire a smaller sized laptop.

Screen Quality

With a laptop, you will be staring at your screen for several hours, so you must purchase one with comfortable looks. Also, you should consider if your computer should have a touchscreen. Through technological advancement, laptops with touchscreen are becoming common and are much easier to use. Some screens might be glossy, which might be a disadvantage if you are gaming, editing, or watching a video. Therefore, choose a good quality screen that offers you a natural habitat and wide viewing angles for the best comfort.

Keyboard Quality

You must purchase a laptop with a comfortable keyboard. Dependinglaptop keyboard on the workload that you have, you would not have a bad keyboard. Furthermore, you do not want to purchase a manual that packs in every key or have squished number pads because it will translate to poor user experience like looking for arrow or delete keys. Similarly, a keyboard should have a comfortable layout with ordinary keys and enough space around the keys to give adequate travel on the down-stroke and ratty responsiveness when let go. Additionally, ensure the keyboard has a backlit for easy viewing in a dimly lit environment. During selection, hunt for quality products to avoid many difficulties when carrying tasks.


More RAM allows many applications to run at the same time as well as easy accessibility of data. Therefore, if you want the best experience, purchase a laptop with more RAM.…

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Beginners Guide To Buying A Laptop

Have you decided to buy a new laptop? Well, don’t just go out there without knowing what you should expect. This article will guide you through to the best features you should expect from any laptop. Your task is only to take your time and go through it. And here are the considerations you need to ensure you choose and buy the best laptop in the market today.


You always have the option of choosing between all those brands available. But more specifically you need to check on the screen size. It helps you chose a laptop that is more portable. 11-12inches are the lightest ones and weigh fewer pounds. The common ones usually have a screen size of 15inches. If you prefer letting your laptop stay on your table, then go for those with 17-18inches.

Screen Resolution

In most cases, if you have eye problems, then buying certain laptops can cause you more problems. There are those with touchscreens which may be good if you don’t like the ones with the keyboards. If you are going to run so many programs, then it’s good to look for a screen with a full HD resolution of 1920*1080-pixel.


laptopThis is the engine of the computer and it ensures that all the programs you open run smoothly without any problems. Picking on the wrong one will cause you functionality problems. If you are going to engage your laptop in some simple tasks, look for one with a dual-core processor. Intel Pentium/Celeron and Intel Xeon may do the work but will not be that effective. But if you are determined to work on some task like video editing, watching gaming and other heavy tasks, then think of Intel Core i3, i5 or i7. They will do all the work without hustle.


Laptops need to gather information from the other sources to use them effectively. In most cases when we want to watch videos from DVD or any other external media source, it’s the RAM that will gets the job done. Ram enables one to run programs simultaneously. Any windows laptop with a RAM of 4 GB and above is perfectly good for you. What you also need to know is that if you have 8 GB ram, your laptop battery will drain faster rendering you powerless. If you will be doing heavy tasks and you do not care about the battery life, buy a laptop with 8GB RAM.


As you consider all those factors, you also need to check on the capacity of the storage capacity of your laptop. Hard disk drives (HDD) were known to be the best storage device. They have a low price and can be able to process all the large files without any difficulty. Their problem is that they make a lot of noise and use much of your power. You still have another option, solid state drives (SSD) which are also very fast and minimizes the power usage. Or if you need something tangible and valuable, then ensure it has a ROM of 500SSD or higher.


Your laptop will not stand on its own, in most cases, you will be seeking to connect it either to an external speaker, smartphone, projector or any other thing. So your concern should be if it has all these capabilities. Check for the USB ports (3 ports isn’t bad), SD-card slot, HDMI, VGA ports, Ethernet port. Check if it has a microphone and a camera. You do not need to struggle, just talk to someone and ask them to help you determine if the features highlighted here are available in the laptop you plan to purchase. Enjoy your shopping…