Top Benefits of Using Digital Asset Management Systems

In this era, organizations and businesses must strive to adapt to different inventions that come out each day. Most of the innovations and systems are meant to boost performance and productivity. Considering that an organization handles a lot of digital files, losing control is quite easy. Most companies use emergency solutions that offer file storage and transfer solutions that can impact their security. As a result, you can be assured of chaos considering the amount of content, channels, and data.

This can be solved with the use of a digital asset management system such as 5th Kind. Ideally, this is a platform that can help an organization enrich, organize, and transfer digital files. The following are some of the top benefits of using it.


Your digital asset management ensures that all the digital assets are kept as required. Therefore, your data is not lost and duplicate files can be deleted. Moreover, the system ensures all files are available in the appropriate versions. The good thing about this is that it saves time and space.

It is Scalable

Large amounts of images, videos, and photos can be processed by your enterprise digital asset management solution. Even if the files are available in unusual formats, they can be processed. As far as the amount of data that can be processed, there is no limit.

Copyright Protection

use of digital asset managementCopyright management is an important asset. There are different roles that are assigned to control the access of assets. In this way, you can determine what each user can view and do. Moreover, the system helps manage license agreements. This means that the photos become hidden whenever the license does expire. In this way, you can be assured of protection against copyright-infringement cases.

File Storage

The truth is that temporary solutions that offer file storage cannot match what is offered by digital asset management. Moreover, such temporary solutions do not have many features as the DAM does. That is because digital asset management systems were designed with file storage in mind.

Content Backups

There are times when you need to get back to an earlier version of the digital file. In this case, your DAM makes this possible. That is because other than saving the file history, it also keeps all the previous versions. This means you can recover any version at any particular time.


The truth is that your digital asset management solution can save you time and money. That is because it makes processes faster and boosts employee coordination.…